Best Ventilation Kits for Grow Tents

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One of the most important factors of growing plants indoors is proper ventilation. Not only is fresh air needed to remove all the stale air, but it is a crucial element that helps produce energy and pigments for your plants.

Unfortunately, many growers just focus on other factors like fertilizing and lighting and forget about ventilation. In the end run, many of their plants have low production and suffer various diseases.

However, proper ventilation will make a huge difference in your plants health, growth, and production.

Best Ventilation Kits for Grow Tents

Instead of purchasing ventilation items separately for a grow tent, some find it much easier to buy a kit. In fact, a ventilation kit will ensure that you have all the items you need for successful growing.

For the most part, a ventilation system is composed of a fan, a carbon filter, and a duct. However, there are numerous kits to choose from and it can get overwhelming trying to decide which kit is best.

Here are the top 5 grow tent ventilation kits on the market.

iPower Ventilation Kit with Monitor

The iPower Ventilation Kit is composed of top quality components that ensure optimum performance and a stable environment for your plants. It features a 6 Inch 350 CFM inline carbon filter, 25 feet ducting with fan speed control, superb grow tent ventilation, and a temperature humidity monitor for optimum control.

This ventilation kit is cost effective and is the ideal starter kit for the novice.


  • Fan has 3 speeds
  • Runs quiet even at high speed
  • Exhaust fan is quiet and powerful
  • Extremely absorbent Australian charcoal filter


  • Easy to clog up
  • A large system that needs extra clamps and ropes for support

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Topogrow’s Hydroponic Grow Tent Ventilation Kit

The Topo Grow Company is renowned for having some of the best grow kits and grow lights in the business. Each part and accessory is fully inspected for performance and quality. In addition, their customer service is outstanding and thorough.

The Topogrow’s Hydroponic Grow Tent Ventilation Kit is simple to set up and features an easy manual guideline that makes the set-up process simple. It accommodates 2 medium sized plants or 4 small ones, perfect for the beginner.

The full spectrum design also includes a LED 300W grow light, durable 600D lightproof oxford cloth, and a 4″ filter ventilation kit.


  • Very quiet
  • Compact and stress-free fit
  • Highly durable steel housing mesh
  • Improved shelf life with reversible filter base and flange


  • A bit more expensive compared to other similar kits
  • Some claim that the pre-filter offers minimal performance

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PrimeGarden’s Ventilation System

This ventilation kit for grow tents is the ideal set-up for growers who want to upgrade their current system. It includes more than just the basic three items that comes with most kit which is the fan, filter, and duct.

Some of the extra items are a hygrometer, fan speed controller, and a timer. In addition, the kit offer various fan sizes such as 4-inch, 6-inch and 8-inch based.

The timer is one of the most favored items. It allows you to automate the lighting so that you don’t have to constantly switch the lights on and off when needed.

Moreover, the hygrometer is quite accurate and displays the temperature and humidity in the grow tent. The PrimeGarden’s Ventilation System is the ideal grow tent when it comes to precision and upgrading.


  • Energy efficient
  • Fan is very quiet even at high speeds
  • Complete kit comes in various sizes from 16”x16”x80” up to 120”x60”x80”
  • Has many extras such as a hygrometer, fan speed controller, and a timer


  • Some consumers say that the filter clogs up
  • Needs an extra adapter to connect the carbon filter and fan

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Vivosun Grow Tent Ventilation System

When it comes to purchasing products for growing legalized weed, Vivosun is one of the most well-known and trusted brands. They provide a wide array of quality items such as grow tents, grow lights, and ventilation kits for grow tents.

Vivosun’s ventilation kit comes in four different sizes, to suit your needs. Al sizes come with the same basic items required for optimum plant growth. However, the kits are best for a medium sized set up.

The Vivosun Grow Tent Ventilation System features a high quality exterior and interior housing. Not only does it contain separate areas with individually controlled parameters but the separator the main chamber and shelving is dismountable.

In fact, you can assemble the tent to fit your own growing needs.

This kit also comes with an inline fan that allows proper airflow. In addition, the fan is very quiet, even at full speed. For odors, the system uses an Australian Virgin Charcoal Bed, which is one of the best absorbing carbons around.


  • Best for price
  • Outstanding odor removal carbon system
  • Top quality exterior and interior housing
  • Extra durable canvas that keeps light in to boost efficiency


  • Some say it is a little loud
  • Some consumers say they had problems with metal parts rusting

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IOBIONICS Complete Ventilation Kit

IOBIONICS Grow Tent Complete Ventilation Kit

IOBIONICS Complete Ventilation Kit is the ultimate kit for grow tents. It offers a totally connected ventilation system that is managed electronically. This kit is also extremely efficient.

In fact, it runs on just twenty-five watts. Many experts state that the 4-inch Australian virgin charcoal carbon filter (using 1050+ RC48) and the 4-inch inline fan that runs at 190 CFM make this unit extremely energy proficient.

What is more, the filter has an extended shelf life with the pre-filter Sleeve. This sleeve catches foreign materials and big dust particulates that can clog the carbon system.

This feature alone is well-regarded, especially in dusty environments. When it comes to setting up, mounting is made simple with the two heavy-duty rope ratchets.

Additionally, the ventilation system is simple to transport or take down if needed.


  • Very energy efficient
  • Extremely simple to install
  • Pre-filters are machine washable
  • Come with pre-filter Sleeve for extended shelf life


  • Air flow capacity is low
  • Not super quiet but does pump a lot of air

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Buyers Guide

When it comes to buying a ventilation kit for grow tents, there are a few things a consumer needs to know. In fact, these tips will save a grower a lot of time and frustration.

What’s in the Kit? – When considering a certain ventilation kit, it is imperative that you know what comes with the package.

For instance, the kit should include the basics which are the fan, the carbon filter, and the ducts. Every now and then, a kit will contain extras like a timer, fan speed controller, or hygrometer.

What’s the CFM? – The CFM is the specifications of your fan. It stands for Cubic Feet per Minute which is the measurement of air flow speed.

The bigger the CFM, the faster the air flows out of the fan. For larger tents you need a bigger CFM.

Best Ventilation Kits for Grow Tents

Is the Fan Noisy? – One of the biggest complaints about ventilation systems is the noise of the fan. Many growers state that the fan eventually becomes rather loud and obnoxious.

Make sure to check reviews about fan noise before buying a kit, especially if you are sensitive to loud sounds.

How absorbent is the carbon filter?– The carbon filter is a very important feature. It ensures growers that the odor of marijuana does not leave the tent.

For the most part, weed is very strong smelling and can easily permeate the neighborhood. Therefore, it is essential that you make sure a ventilation kit comes with a high quality carbon filter.

Some of the best carbon filters are composed of Australian charcoal.

Importance of Ventilation

One of the biggest mistakes growers make is assuming that ventilation is not very significant. Quite the contrary, ventilation is just as important as light, nutrients, and heat.

In fact, when a grow tent is well ventilated, it ensures that your plants are in optimum environment for health and growth. Good ventilation also offers other benefits:

  • Heat has a hard time accumulating. With excess heat, plants do not do well and can quickly wither away and die.
  • Proper ventilation minimizes pests and insects. In fact, good ventilation improves circulation and easily filters out the bugs.
  • Utilizing a clip-fan helps improve air circulation. In addition, it supports a light breeze within the tent which is beneficial for branch and stem growth.

The Size Extractor Fan You Need for a Grow Tent

The size of your extractor fan in relation to the size of your grow tent is also important. Determining the size of your extractor fan is pretty simple. The formula is actually pretty basic-

Multiply the room volume (cubic feet), carbon filter factor (+25%), insulation factor (±20%), the light factor (+10% for 1000W), and ducting (+10% for 10 feet). This will give you the fan size in CFM .

A more mathematical formula when using a carbon filter is:

[(grow space width X length X height) / 5] X 1.2 = recommended CFM

Grow Tent Ventilation Setup

Your ventilation system can be set up in various ways. Here are a few options:

Your ventilation can be set up in a number of ways. Here are some possible configurations:

Placing the right fan – when fans are functioning properly, you have control of the air flow. Basically, there are two types of fans:

  • Air Extractor fan systems – takes out old and stale air and brings in fresh air. This is one of the most effective systems for premium air flow.
  • Oscillating fans – cost effective and efficient. A constant influx of air is blown around the plants. Includes an easy set up. This system requires that you have more than one oscillating fan.

Passive Intake-

Passive intake is reliant on passive airflow and negative pressure. It blows air out without a fan blowing inside. Basically, there is a hole that allows the air to enter the tent passively.

Active Intake-

This system draws air from the fan directly. The air from one fan blows air in and another blows the stale air out.

Controlling Humidity-

Another important factor in ventilation set up is the ability to control the humidity to prevent plant diseases. Basically, you want to lower the humidity levels by pushing the humid air out by utilizing an exhaust fan.

However, there are rare times that you may need to increase the humidity. This is accomplished by sealing off the grow tent and turning the exhaust fan off.

Keep in mind; correct humidity levels are very important. For healthy and thriving plants, it is imperative that your research the amount of humidity that is needed for your plants.

Injecting Carbon Dioxide-

For transpiration to take place you need to inject CO2. Transpiration is the process of water moving through a plant and its evaporation from aerial parts like stems, leaves, and flowers.

For the most part, an enclosed area like a grow tent typically has low levels CO2. Therefore, CO2 injection is needed for a healthy plant.

Common Questions

When designing and installing a ventilation system, there can be many questions and concerns. Here are answers to some of the most common questions about ventilation systems for growing marijuana legally:

What are the different kinds of ventilation setups?

Generally, ventilation setups are categorized by how the filter and fan are positioned. For the most part, there are four different kinds of ventilation setups for grow tents:

  • Fan in, filter in
  • Fan out, filter out
  • Fan in, filter out
  • Filter in, fan out

The majority of growers prefer to use the ‘fan in, filter in’ method. It offers better air flow and removes odor more efficiently. Then again, all setups vary, each with the pros and cons.

Why does marijuana smell and how to get rid of this smell?

Marijuana odor comes from the terpenes produced by the plant. Terpenes are also what make the buds sticky. These chemical compounds are important for repelling pests and insects.

A charcoal filter is needed to get rid of the terpene odor.

What is a clip-on fan and what are the benefits of using one?

A clip0on fan is a tiny rotating pedestal fan that is typically clipped on the top bar of the grow tent. It helps ensure proper ventilation within the tent.

In fact, since heat rises, it drastically helps remove and circulation warmer air.


When it comes to buying the ideal ventilation kit for your grow tent, it is easy once you apply the various tips in this article. Sometimes it is best to start small and upgrade as you learn, especially if you are a beginner.

However, even experts have excellent production with the right ventilation kit for their grow tent.