Can You Grow 2 Different Strains of Weed Together?

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Yes, you can grow multiple strains of weed together at the same time with no problems.

But, there are a few reasons why you might not want to.

Here’s a quick guide to the pros and cons of growing multiple strains in the same grow tent.

Pros of Growing Multiple Strains Together

First, some of the benefits to mixing strains.

Better Variety In Your Harvest

Smoking different strains of weed is great. Being able to try different strains is fun and it will let you figure out what strains are your favorite. You’ll never know unless you try them.

Acts as a Hedge

Different strains of weed need different conditions to grow optimally.

If you’re growing several different strains in the exact same conditions, some of them will do better and some will do worse.

Compare this to growing several plants of the same strain, if there’s some issue with your nutrients or the pH of your water, you could get lower yields on all of your plants.

I’ve tried growing up to 5 strains at once and it definitely helped even out my yields due to a few plants doing very well which made up for the few that didn’t do as well.

Different Harvest Times

Harvesting and trimming marijuana plants is pretty time consuming. If you grow all of the same strains and they’re all ready to harvest at the same time, you could be chopping several plants at once. This means you’ll need to set aside a big chunk of time to do the harvest all at one time.

By mixing different strains, they should be ready at different times which lets you break up the harvesting/cropping job into several smaller chunks. This also makes it easier psychologically to wait for your weed to be ready to harvest.

There’s always a temptation to chop your plant down and harvest all of the buds but you get rewarded by waiting with larger yields.

It’s much easier to wait patiently for a strain that needs 90 days of flowering if you’ve got other strains that are ready at 70 days, 75 days and 80 days.

Cons of Growing Multiple Strains Together

Here’s a few of the downsides to having several strains of weed growing together.

Overall I think these cons are minor and I’d definitely recommend mixing strains in your grow room.

Sub-Optimal Conditions for Some Plants

One of the pros I mentioned was hedging your yields since some plants will overperform and some will underperform.

But the downside to this is that you’ll have underperformers.

If you’ve got 1 strain you can grow really well (pH dialed in, nutrients dialed in, etc)., you could have several plants of the same strain all maxing out their yields.

Final Thoughts

I’ve done grows with 1 strain and grows with up to 5 different strains.

By far, I prefer growing multiple strains together and I’d recommend you try it.

It’s really great to harvest different strains and seeing how different strains perform under the same conditions is really beneficial to improve your grow skills.

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