General Hydroponics Kit Review

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When growing a hydroponic garden, it is very important that your plants get the proper nutrients. Since a hydroponic system is without soil, your plants depend on a nutrient solution that has the essential components that they need.

In fact, hydroponic fertilizers must have the entire range of necessary nutrients. Today you can find a wide variety of cheap hydroponic nutrients for growing weed.

In fact, there are numerous hydroponic solutions to make it easy for the first time grower and the entrepreneur. One of the most popular hydroponic fertilizers is the General Hydroponics Flora Series.

Actually, this kit contains all the essential nutrients for each plant stage to promote healthy plants and larger buds.


When it comes to successfully producing high cannabis yields, there are various options and tips for growing marijuana. However, many experts agree that hydroponics is one of the best methods of growing.

According to Green Our Planet, when compared to the traditional soil method, hydroponics is by far superior. Some of the many benefits include

  • Better climate control
  • Higher efficiency use of water, up to 90%
  • Chemicals for weed or pests are not needed
  • The nutritional value is enhanced and improved
  • The same space increases production 3-10 times
  • Production can be two times faster when well managed
  • The time between harvest and consumption is drastically reduced

One of the most complete and best hydroponic fertilizers is the General Hydroponics Flora Series. It has numerous features including efficiency and affordability.

The flora series is ideal for ebb and flow systems, deep water culture (DWC), and other passive hydroponic growing methods. The General Hydroponics Flora Series utilizes a building block system that supports nutrient solution compatibility between the trio solutions.

It can be used with both soil and hydroponic systems and offers complete mineral based plant food. In addition, the solutions contain an entire gamut of necessary nutrients for optimum growth.

The trio is designed to be used together. If you only use one or two solutions of the trio, you will not get optimum results.

General Hydroponics Kit Review

In fact, the results may be very disappointing. Then again, combining the trio will produce excellent and effective results. Actually, the General Hydroponics Flora Series contains the perfect amount of primary and secondary nutrients for your plants.

As well, the solutions are comprised of micronutrients that promote healthy growth. The General Hydroponics Flora Series contains a trio of fertilizers to be given at different stages of growth – FloraGro, FloraMicro, and FloraBloom

  • FloraGro – this solution is one of the most important of the trio. It is the foundation and supports the germination stage of your plants. During this stage, your plants develop roots that are needed for optimum strength and healthy growth. FloraGro gives the roots a perfect amount of nutrient during the vegetative stage by maintaining nutrient levels. FloraGro is also simple to use and can be added to your system without the stress of overfeeding or underfeeding.
  • FloraMicro –the FloraMicro fertilizer is a boosting solution that complements both FloraGro and FloraBloom. It is rich in nitrogen and calcium for better crop growth and higher yields. Additionally, it is perfect for growing media. The mixture also contains trace minerals for extra root support. FloraMicro is used during all phases of growth until the harvesting stage. When FloraMicro is used effectively, it will help produce denser buds and reduce crop mortality.
  • FloraBloom – the FloraBloom solution is the last of the trio. It is used to encourage and stimulate development and healthier buds. It fact, it is designed to encourage higher yields by increasing the strength of the buds and flowers. As well, FloraBloom increases the aroma of your cannabis plants and produces essential oils that are rich in THC and CBD levels.

The General Hydroponics Flora Series is a simple to use trio that is easily adjusted to fit the needs of your plants. For example, the nutrient dose can be adjusted and attuned for better growth.

Further, all of the solutions in the trio are pH balanced which helps keep the pH balance in your reservoir.

Perfect Nutritional Ingredients for Growing Cannabis

The General Hydroponics Flora Series contains the perfect ingredients for growing cannabis. The ingredients are composed of natural humic extracts that supports mineral release for healthy growth during all of your plants cycles.

General Hydroponics Kit Review

Each of the trio plays an important part in providing your plants with optimum nutrition at the right time of their growing stage. For instance, the FloraGro has the essential nutrients for strong roots and plant support, the FloraMicro solution contains the ideal nutrients for better crop growth, and the FloraBloom fertilizer helps produce strong and richer tasting buds with higher yields.

Outstanding Features

The General Hydroponics Flora Series is a micro combo fertilizer set that provides your cannabis plants with the right amount of nutrients during all stages of growth. The series contain three highly concentrated liquid nutrients that have the perfect pH balance for simple use.

With highly advanced solutions, your plants will receive the exact nutrients that are needed for each stage of growth. In fact, your plants will receive the perfect balance of primary, secondary, and micro nutrients for dynamic growth, bigger flowers, nutrient dense crops, and heightened yields.

  • Greatly improves flavor and aroma
  • Supports bigger buds and higher yields
  • The original patented building block nutrient system
  • Balanced with complete primary, secondary, and micro nutrients
  • Consists of highly purified concentrates for the best solubility
  • The fertilizer solutions are adjustable according to your plants needs
  • A simple to use pH balanced solution without the stress of under fertilizing and over fertilizing

How Often Should You Fertilize Hydroponics?

One of the biggest questions for first time growers is how often should they fertilize using the hydroponic method. Frankly, many novice growers tend to over fertilize.

The good news is, once the system fertilizing system is set up, the frequency is a lot less than most growers realize. Generally, if you remix nutrients every 7 to 10 days, then just topping off the reservoir with plain water is plenty.

General Hydroponics Kit Review

However, it is best that you check the fertilizer strength on a daily basis. Nutrient levels should be between 800 to 1500 ppm (parts per million), depending on the cannabis strain and growth.

Wrapping-Up with the General Hydroponics Kit

It is quite obvious that the General Hydroponics Kit is the best solution for growing cannabis hydroponically. In fact, it is by far better than the majority of fertilizers on the market.

When used together, the trio supports a very strong root system, healthy growth, and larger buds. In result, your plants have a better taste and much higher yields.