Grow Tent vs Space Bucket – How to Choose

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If you’re growing weed indoors, there are 2 primary setups you can choose from.

You can grow inside of a grow tent or use a space bucket instead.

There’s pros and cons to each but if you have the space and the money, you should choose a grow tent.

If you want to get a small scale grow up as cheaply as possible then a space bucket might work better for you.

Here’s an overview of each grow setup and the pros and cons of each.

Grow Tent – Pros and Cons

A grow tent definitely costs more than a space bucket but comes with several advantages.

Grow Tent Pros

  • More room for plants = bigger yields
  • More room = less plant on plant contact = less risk of mold/pests
  • Easier to set up power cords and carbon filters
  • Reflective walls to maximize yields
  • Zippered doors for easy access to water and check on your plants
  • Metal supports for hanging grow lights

Grow Tent Cons

  • More expensive than a space bucket
  • Larger, harder to hide if you need a discreet grow operation

Basically if you can find a place for it and you can afford the extra cost, you should get a grow tent.

The biggest draw back to using a space bucket is that you can only fit 1 plant inside of it and you’ll really be restricted on space which will hurt your yields.

Space bucket yields are usually in the 1-2oz range which is pretty weak.

A moderate size grow tent like the 2’x4′ tent I use can easily fit 3 plants and get yields of 6+ oz per plant. This means a small 3 plant operation can yield over a pound of marijuana every 90 days.

Not bad.

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Space Bucket – Pros and Cons

If you don’t have the space or the money, a space bucket can be an easy way to get introduced to growing your own weed at home.

Be aware there are a lot of drawbacks to using a space bucket and you’ll have a much easier time as a beginner if you use a grow tent.

So with that warning out of the way, here are the pros and cons to using a space bucket.

Space Bucket Pros

  • Very cheap to get started
  • Small size = can be easily hidden

Space Bucket Cons

  • Less space = lower yields (1-2oz per plant)
  • Have to custom drill/cut all holes for running cords and carbon filters
  • Walls don’t reflect much light unless you add mylar/tinfoil
  • Can be a pain to water plant depending on how you configure your light and lid
  • Requires additional tools for drilling, cutting and attaching equipment

The biggest problem with space buckets, and the reason I decided to go with a grow tent, is that you’re going to be extremely restricted on yields.

Space buckets are really only made to fit 1 plant and that plant will have very limited room to grow horizontally or vertically.

This means certain strains like Sativa, which grow much taller, will be difficult to grow in a space bucket.

Also you need to be pretty handy with a drill and saw to get a space bucket set up since you’ll be custom mounting every single component.

Grow tents come with support bars that make it easy to attach lights.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a brand new grower just looking to get setup and get your first grow under your belt, a grow tent will make your life much easier.

And when you’re a seasoned pro looking to max out yields and have a bigger scale operation, you’ll 100% want a grow tent.

So just bite the bullet and drop the extra $50-$75 that it costs and get a nice grow tent. You’ll thank me later.

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