How to Make a Blunt Burn Slow for Longer Smokes

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Blunts–what’s not to love about them? We pack them super full making them longer and fatter than the average joint.

And if we use cigar wraps, we get that extra slam from the added nicotine. The only problem is that sometimes they burn too fast.

So how do you slow things down to get a longer smoke?

1. Grind Your Cannabis

There are a few things you can do to get a slower burn, and the very first one is to grind your weed down before you roll it. Loosely ground cannabis with big pieces will burn faster and more unevenly than ground cannabis.

You can find a good selection of top electric herb grinders online that do an excellent job.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t over-grind your cannabis either. Grinding it too finely so that air is unable to properly circulate throughout your blunt will make it difficult to smoke.

2. Source Quality Starting Material

Have you ever packed a wood stove to heat your home? If you have, you know that all types of wood do not burn the same.

Birch will often burn faster, while oak and elm when packed right will let you load up your stove and go to bed safe in the knowledge it will stay burning throughout the night. That’s a little how it is with good weed.

You want to be secure in knowing you’ve bought quality material, properly cured with just the right amount of moisture to ensure a slower burn.

The best way to ensure you’re getting a quality product is to grow your own and grow it right. But if you do outsource, make sure you work with a reliable and reputable dealer or dispensary that sells only the good stuff.

3. Choose the Right Paper

You’re probably familiar with the different kinds of rolling papers available at smoke shops. They come in various thicknesses and some even come flavored.

Most papers are made of either hemp, wood pulp, or rice, but you can also find them in flax and other fibers.

We explain how you slow things down to get a longer smoke

“Close up of addict hands with marijuana joint tube. Source: depositphotos. Author: Syda_Productions”

You might think wood pulp papers are the best because that’s the most common type found in smoke shops. Wood pulp papers are probably the easiest to roll and therefore the top choice for beginners.

However, if you’re looking to create a slower burn, then it’s best to choose thinner rolling papers made from rice or from unbleached hemp as these allow more air to pass through them. That’s not to say wood pulp papers don’t have value, but they do burn faster.

They also usually come in a bleached form which can impact their burn rate. Papers made from hemp have a definite texture that makes them easy to roll as well, but smoking a blunt made with them leaves the user with a distinct after-taste that some like and some don’t.

Rice papers, on the other hand, provide virtually little or no after-taste even those that are made with added flax. Their thinness makes them the slowest burning of paper choices but can also sometimes result in a blunt burning out.

They are also quite difficult to roll and may present a challenge for beginners. If you’re fairly new at rolling your own joints and blunts, hemp may be the way to go.

The next time you buy some weed, try them out for size and see how you do. Once you get proficient, the only thing you’ll have to decide is how many blunts you can roll from a gram.

4. Use Multiple Sheets

In addition to a too-fast burn, another problem you may encounter is a burn that overtakes the side of a blunt or one that burns unevenly. Using more than one paper can add more structure to your blunt and help contain the airflow so it channels through a tighter, more defined space.

5. Roll Tight

But not too tight. This can take a little practice. A blunt that’s wrapped too loosely will allow oxygen to enter faster than it should and cause the fire to pick up in intensity.

We explain how to make a blunt burn slow for longer smokes

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But you don’t want to wrap it too tight either lest you suck and suck with no air getting in. When you wrap a blunt, aim for creating an even air channel that allows for a soft and easy pull.

If on the off chance you do roll it too tightly, you can remedy the situation by pushing a toothpick through the length of your joint from top to tip thereby creating a tunnel for airflow.

6. “Twax” Your Joint

“Twaxing” is the practice of applying marijuana concentrates to the outside of a joint. If you add it to the rolling papers or your mix, it will slow down the speed at which it burns.

However, if you know anything about cannabis concentrates, it’s that they contain high levels of THC and other cannabinoids that will get you super high. So you need to be aware of that.

If you’re new to weed or haven’t yet developed a tolerance for higher levels of THC, you might want to avoid twaxing for now.

Then again, if you can coat your papers with cannabis concentrates to slow the burn, why can’t you coat them with something else that does the same thing without packing quite the same punch? Ask any experienced user and they may suggest honey as an alternative.

Want to get an extra kick? Just sprinkle the honey with some kief.

7. Recycle Roaches

“Waste not, want not,” as the saying goes. True blue stoners know that every little bit counts and in a pinch might collect and peel open their old roaches and add it to their mix. How much could it hurt?

In Conclusion

Those aren’t the only tricks of the trade. If you want a blunt to burn more slowly, you should apply that thought right from the get-go.

Use your lighter to apply an even flame by rotating it slowly as you light it. And by all means, don’t draw everything in at once. Your joint will burn slower if you take smaller and longer hits. Enjoy!