How to Make a Sploof

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Back in the not so good old days when weed was illegal pretty much everywhere, one of the thrills of smoking it was doing so without getting caught. Sure, day workers had to worry about their glassy eyes or how long a single hit of weed stays in the body, especially if they enjoyed a little high time during lunch.

But the big thing was always the aroma. You had to come up with creative ways to conceal that telltale scent.

With the advent of medical marijuana and legal recreational use in many states, concealment is becoming less and less an issue. However, it’s still not legal everywhere, and for many, it remains a nuisance smell.

Whether you’re trying to evade the law or just practicing common courtesy, you may still need a Sploof.

What is a Sploof?

Simply put, a Sploof is a device that hides the smell of cannabis smoke. There are several different types of Sploofs, those that you can buy in a smokeshop and others you can make at home.

How to Make a Sploof

Did you skip class a lot in your high school woodworking shop? Have your metalworking skills always been a bit rusty?

Don’t worry. Making a simple Sploof to remove or mask the aroma of marijuana and keep your body and clothing scent-free takes very little skill and is quite easy to master.

Before we get into the tutorial, you’re going to need a few things . . .

There’s often more than one way to do things. And that includes making a Sploof.

Two common methods include using either dryer sheets or activated charcoal. Here are the basic materials you’ll need for the popular dryer sheet method.

Fortunately, you should be able to find these common items around the house:

  • Cardboard toilet paper roll – A plastic water or soda bottle of any size will also work just fine as the body of your Sploof.
  • Sharp scissors/knife blade
  • Rubber band or string – basically anything that will work as a fastener
  • Scented and unscented dryer sheets – These will serve as your filter material

Method 1: The Dryer Sheet Sploof

Scented dryer sheets make excellent filters. The only problem is if you use yours all up, you’ll have to live with wrinkly clothes for a bit. Are you willing to make the sacrifice?

Step #1: Assemble Your Materials

Cardboard toilet paper roll or plastic bottle. Check. Sharp scissors or knife blade. Check. Rubber band, tape, or string. Check. Scented dryer sheets. Check. You’ve got this!

Step #2: Get the Tube Ready

A cardboard toilet paper roll is really the easiest body material as there is little to prepare. A cardboard paper towel roll will also do and may actually work better as its longer body will hold more dryer sheets.

If you go the plastic bottle route, cut off the top of the bottle so it has a wide opening. But don’t put your scissors down just yet.

Cut some small-ish holes into the bottom (closed end) of the bottle. This will serve as the filter end of your Sploof. Keep in mind that you may need to experiment a bit with the airflow through it and make the holes larger if need be.

Step #3: Pack the Tube with Dryer Paper

Prefer a lemony scent? Or are you more the “spring fresh” type? Whatever your choice, bunch up several scented sheets and pack them loosely one at a time into one end of your toilet paper tube or paper towel roll.

Close up of marijuana joint and cigarette paper

No matter how many sheets you use, make sure you set aside one for Step 5 in the process. Do the same with your cut plastic bottle, loosely stuffing the sheets into the wide open end.

Step #4: Add Some Unscented Dryer Sheets

Add a few unscented sheets in the same loose manner you did with the scented ones. The unscented sheets will help ensure the user isn’t too overwhelmed by the lemony or spring fresh smell.

Step #5: Cover the Top

Remember that extra scented sheet you set aside in Step 3? Take it now and fold it in half and use it to cover one end of the toilet paper/paper roll tube. Or, if you used a plastic bottle, cover the cut open end with it.

Secure the covering in place with a rubber band or string.

Step #6: Trim the Top

Once you’re done with Step 5, you’re really good to go. But if you want to give your Sploof a more professional appearance (or if you have a touch of obsessive-compulsive disorder), you can trim the edges of the dryer sheet that serves as your cover.

Just don’t trim too far so as to destroy its effectiveness.

Step #7: Customize the Sploof

Does your favorite strain of weed bring out your creative side? Show it off by jazzing up the outside of the tube with your own signature designs!

Method 2: Using Activated Charcoal

While the dryer sheet method is effective at masking cannabis smells, activated charcoal Sploofs are even better performers.

Step #1: Assemble Your Supplies

This method might actually require you leave your home to gather supplies. You’ll want to start with a small piece (about 10 inches) of ABS or PVC pipe.

This you can find at your local hardware store. While you’re at it, see if you can find some threaded caps to fit each end of your plastic pipe.

You’ll also need activated charcoal. You should be able to find this online or at a number of big box stores.

As for the other materials? You know the routine. Unscented dryer paper. Check. Rubber bands or string. Check. Power drill. Check. Duct tape. Check.

Step #2: Drill Holes into One Cap

Drill a bunch of small holes in one of the caps. Like the toilet paper tube method, start by making them small and enlarge them if you find you need to.

These holes are where the sanitized weed smoke will escape your device.

Step #3: Insert a Dryer Sheet

Now you’re ready to get started. Fold one unscented dryer sheet and insert it at the end of your pipe. Then attach the cap with the drilled holes.

While it’s not an absolutely necessary step, the dryer sheet will help prevent small pieces of activated charcoal from coming through and creating a mess.

Note: If you find your activated carbon is a bit dusty, hold off on the dryer sheet step, and instead put the drilled cap on your tube’s end and fill the tube with charcoal. Then run some water through the tube and charcoal and let the dust wash out through the vented cap end.

Step #4: Position the Bottom Cap

If you had to rinse the charcoal, allow it first to dry completely and naturally. Alternatively, you can speed up the process by using paper towels.

Only then should you do the dryer sheet step, screwing on the vented cap afterwards. Make sure the cap holds tightly. If it doesn’t, secure it in place with duct tape.

Step #5: Put the Activated Carbon Inside

Fill your tube about 3/4 full of activated carbon.

Step #6: Cover the Activated Carbon

Fold and cut one or two unscented dryer sheets so they can fit comfortably inside the top of the tube. You won’t need a lot.

Marijuana buds, jar, money and joints on the table

These are just to prevent your mouth from coming in contact with the activated carbon.

Step #7: Test Your Sploof

Now comes fun part. Time to take a nice long hit off a joint and exhale that smoke into the open end of your homemade Sploof. Once you’ve sent all the smoke in, quickly cover the end you exhaled in with the second cap and observe how well the activated carbon is performing.

Is the filtered smoke coming out the other end at a reasonable rate? If not, you may need to experiment a bit by drilling the holes a teensy bit larger.

Step #8: Pimp Your Sploof (Optional)

Fancy yourself a Michealangelo? Maybe you’re more like famed graffiti artist, Blu? Whatever your calling, pimp up your Sploof with your own unique style.

Frequently Asked Questions about Marijuana Sploofs

Does a dryer sheet Sploof work?

It does. Although less effective than activated charcoal Sploofs, those made using the dryer sheet method are generally sufficient. After taking a hit, by exhaling the smoke into the homemade device, the distinctive cannabis scent is neutralized.

How many dryer sheets do I need for a Sploof?

Sploofs are not a budget breaker. In most cases, two or three sheets should do the job.

Can I make a Sploof without dryer sheets?

Absolutely! In lieu of dryer sheets, one common method is to apply deodorant to toilet paper. In fact, some argue this method actually works better.

In Conclusion

So there you have it. Now you have the recipe for two easy-to-make and economical Sploofs. And nobody will ever have to complain about weed smoke emanating from your abode again.

Now if only we could come up with a device for heavy users that eliminates getting those telltale black lips! Just keep in mind that a Sploof is only effective when you expel all the cannabis smoke into it. So use it wisely!