Humboldts Secret Starter Kit Pack Review

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The Humboldts Secret Starter Kit is an all-in-one nutrient system for beginners and experienced home cannabis growers alike. A six part liquid system, it includes Base A, Base B, Golden Tree, Flower Stacker, Plant Enzymes, and CalMag and Iron.

Supplementing your plants for the entire growth cycle, Humboldts Secrets Starter Kit promises to provide all the additives and nutrients to help you whether you are growing hydroponically, in soil, gravel, or even sand.

The solution produces a massive amount of overall solution, resulting in between 125 and 150 gallons of nutrient supplementation.

Below we’ll break down each step in the nutrient system, and what each product has to offer towards the plant growing process.

Base A and Base B Nutrients

The Base A and Base B nutrients found in Humboldts Secret Starter Kit are similar to many other nutrient base systems, containing many of the key nutrients for healthy and strong plants.

Humboldts Secret Starter Kit Pack Review

These nutrients are as follows:

  • Nitrogen
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Fulvic Acid

These nutrients will not only promote faster and healthier growth, but also prevent plant rot, discolored leaves and roots, and other common problems found with cannabis plants that lack proper nutrient supplementation. The Base A and Base B nutrients will be used from the early vegetative growth stage all the way through until the end flowering stage.

Golden Tree

The “Golden Tree” product is considered an additive in the lineup of nutrients, adding in unique ingredients to promote potency and overall yield with your plants growth. These ingredients include:

  • Kelp
  • Amino Acids
  • Carbs
  • Minerals

This formula of nutrients will help to activate enzymes that will promote photosynthesis, allowing for more efficient glucose production and use throughout the growing stages of your plant.

Golden Tree nutrients

Using Golden Tree one to three times per week, you can improve root development as well as increase your cannabis yield when it comes time to harvest.

Small and extremely potent, one 16 ounce bottle can produce over 470 gallons of solution for multiple growing seasons for your cannabis or other plants.

Flower Stacker

Similar to the above mentioned Golden Tree product, the Flower Stacker solution is another additive to promote healthy and strong plants. This additive specifically targets increased yields and flower density, aiding the maturation of your plants.

In addition, Humboldt claims you will also see enhanced aromas and flavor with this additive, promoting the quality of your plant growth. The key ingredients include:

  • Vitamin B1
  • High levels of Potassium
  • High levels of Phosphorus

Vitamin B1 is claimed to have massive benefits in terms of plant rooting, giving you stronger growth throughout the life cycle of the plant.

Flower Stacker nutrient

As for the benefits of phosphorus and potassium, these will promote early and stronger flowering, increasing the ending yield of your plant. Humboldt promises increases of nearly 30% in yield with the addition of the Flower Stacker product when used in potted or outdoor plants.

Plant Enzymes

Specifically benefiting hydroponic plant growth, the Plant Enzyme product will help to increase the overall nutrient uptake of your plants. This increase in uptake is possible through the enzymes breaking down the dead or decaying roots, with the additional ability to kill off disease or infection.

In addition to the benefit for those with hydroponically grown plants, these enzymes will help to break down the roots from previous plants when growing in soil, rejuvenating the soil for future plants.

CalMag and Iron

This product from the lineup in the Humboldts Secret Starter Kit focuses on the addition of calcium magnesium and chelated iron into the growth process. This corrects common deficiencies found with many plants, acting to supplement and balance out any micro nutrient problems.

Once again, this formula will also increase overall nutrient uptake, allowing your plant to absorb more of the macro and micro nutrients needed for healthy growth during the vegetative and flowering stages.

How To Grow Bigger And Better Plants With The Humboldts Secret Starter Kit

As you will find with many complete front to back nutrient systems, the inclusion of all of the important nutrients, enzymes, and additives will not only provide the essential products for healthy growth, but also corrective formulas to prevent any mishaps or unhealthy conditions your plant may face.

The Humboldts Secret Starter Kit will include all of these products within their lineup, providing an all encompassing package to ensure a potent and healthy yield for your home grown cannabis.

Woman spraying different plants at home, closeup

Each product will be utilized in varying quantities throughout the length of the grow cycle, each optimized for both vegetative and flowering stages. While you can find the full breakdown of nutrient ratios on the Humboldt website, here is a quick overview for each product:

Base A and Base B

  • Vegetative Weeks 1 through 4 – 5-9 ml
  • Flowering Weeks 1 through 6 – 9-14 ml
  • Flowering Weeks 7 through 12 – 7-10ml

Golden Tree

  • Vegetative Weeks 1 through 4 – 1-2ml
  • Flowering Weeks 1 through 12 – 2-5 ml

Flower Stacker

  • Vegetative Weeks 1 through 4 – None
  • Flowering Weeks 1 through 2 – None
  • Flowering Weeks 3 through 4 – 3-4ml
  • Flowering Weeks 5 through 6 – 5-6ml
  • Flowering Weeks 7 through 12 – 7-8ml

Plant Enzymes

  • Vegetative Weeks 1 through 4 – 1ml
  • Flowering Weeks 1 through 12 – 1ml

CalMag and Iron

  • Vegetative Weeks 1 through 4 – 2.5-5ml
  • Flowering Weeks 1 through 12 – 2.5-5ml

With the implementation of each of these products throughout the grow cycle, as well as having solid fundamentals with your own home growing process, you will ensure your plants will have all the nutrients to grow fast and strong, but also fight off any potential unhealthy side effects.


Nutrients can be a life saver when it comes to supplementing your home cannabis plants, especially in unorthodox growing environments including hydroponic and indoor grow rooms.

Due to the numerous variables when it comes to growing specific strains or their specific growing conditions, having a solid foundation of nutrients to supplement any deficiencies will ensure your hard work will not be wasted at the end of the weeks of vegetative and flowering growth.