Macujo Method

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There are so many ways for laboratories to test for drugs in your system. First, there’s your blood.

Then there’s your urine. And law enforcement absolutely loves to send a sample of your hair follicles to labs to find out if you’ve been using.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way around at least one of these problems?

What Is The Macujo Method And How Does It Work?

The Macujo method is a step-by-step hair detox process for marijuana users to follow in order to pass a hair follicle drug test. It is believed to have been developed by a regular weed user who needed to pass one himself.

The process claims to open and successfully flush the hair shaft of toxins.

Items You Need for the Macujo Method

The Macujo Method involves washing your hair and treating it with a number of household items including vinegar, detergent, acne wash, and special shampoo. For the project, you’ll need:

  • Shower cap
  • Goggles
  • Disposable Gloves
  • Towel
  • Clean and preferably new combs
  • Warm water
  • Pink Clean and Clear acne wash
  • A packet of liquid detergent
  • White vinegar
  • Ultra Clean shampoo by Zydot
  • Toxin rid shampoo with aloe

Macujo Method Step-by-Step Instructions

Follow these instructions the day before the scheduled day of your test.

You’re going to be taking over the bathroom for quite a bit of time in the course of the day and part of the next day, so make sure your housemates know it and clear out. Then put on your gloves and goggles.

1. Start by rinsing your hair well with warm water. Then work plenty of white vinegar into your hair being sure to soak your scalp well. The reason you are to use white vinegar is that it contains acetic acid which will open the hair shaft.

2. With the vinegar still in your hair, work the Clean and Clear Pink Acne Wash into your hair as well. If you can’t find Clean and Clear, you can use Neutrogena T-Sal as a substitute. Both of these products contain salicylic acid which is needed to flush your hair cuticles. You’ll look pretty ridiculous at this point, so try not to look in the mirror.

3. Now cover all your hair with a shower cap and leave it in place for 30 minutes. After that time passes, rinse your hair well.

4. If you thought that was enough chemicals to put in your hair, think again. The next step is to shampoo your hair with propylene glycol-rich Old Style Aloe Rid Detox shampoo.

It’s important to stress here that you need the OLD style, as the new has been found to be ineffective. And watch out for fake knock-offs of the product. You can find the good stuff online at–but we’ll warn you, it isn’t cheap.

Macujo Method Step-by-Step Instructions

“Plastic bottles of body care and beauty products. Source: Author: monticello”

5. Now you’re on a roll. The next step is to add a few drops of laundry detergent to your hair and continue to shampoo.

If you’re unsure of a brand to buy, the original method recommended Tide. As an alternative, you can use baking soda instead.

6. The last step in the process is to shampoo your hair with Zydot Ultra Clean shampoo. Don’t skip or cut corners on this step or any other in the process.

You want your hair to look, smell, and feel fresh and clean and not suggest to your tester that you are trying to hide anything. Don’t give them a reason to test the hair on another part of your body like under your arms or on your groin.

7. Some instructions say you need to run through the procedure at least five times over three days before your test with a recommended ten-hour wait between applications to allow your hair to rest and recover. Others recommend three times the day before and once on the day of the test.

If you’re more than just a casual user, repeating it multiple times is probably the better option–but we’ll warn you, it may take a toll on your hair and scalp.

How Well Does the Macujo Method Work?

There are claims that the method is 90 percent effective in helping casual users pass a hair follicle drug test, but for the most part, the information is anecdotal.

Some have complained that the method reduced the THC metabolites present in their hair follicles but not enough to pass. And some clinical specialists claim the process is a waste of time.

However, many online claims touting success also suggest that the more times the process is repeated leading up to a test, the better the chances of passing.

While the Macujo method doesn’t pretend to guarantee 100 percent success every time, the fact that it has been used and lauded by marijuana users for two decades and counting does speak volumes in its favor.

Benefits of the Macujo Method

Although most recommendations are for two to three days, in a pinch, the Macujo method can be completed in as little as a single day. And while it may irritate your skin, it won’t cause any long-term damage to your hair.

The Macujo method also boasts a 90 percent success rate. In addition, with the exception of Old Style Aloe Rid Detox shampoo, you can obtain most of your ingredients at your local grocery store or pharmacy.

Downsides of the Macujo Method

Old Style Aloe Rid Detox shampoo is made for one specific purpose, and the makers of the product know it. You’ll spend a pretty penny on the formula.

As noted above, the process can irritate your skin and may leave your hair dry and frizzy for a period of time. Working through the process is also going to eat up the better part of a day or two for you.

Macujo vs. Jerry G Method

The Jerry G method attempts to accomplish the same detoxification results as the Macujo method but by following an eight-step process that involves bleach, dyes, baking soda paste, and shampoo.

The method is far harsher to hair follicles and can permanently damage your hair. On the flip side, it is less expensive to administer.

Why Does the Macujo Method Work?

The Macujo method was formulated strictly to help marijuana users pass hair follicle drug tests. These drug tests don’t look for THC but rather the metabolites that attach to fat cells.

We explain what is the Macujo method and how does it work.

“Marijuana plants. Green cannabis. Source: Author: VictoriaBee”

The Macujo method works because the chemicals used in the process specifically target and remove THC metabolites in strands of hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Macujo method may help you pass a hair follicle drug test but we’ll warn you, it isn’t a fun process.

What is the best shampoo for passing a hair drug test?

There are a couple of shampoos that weed users swear by. The first is Old Style Aloe Rid. The secret is the propylene glycol in the shampoo that supposedly removes drug residues from the hair.

Another popular choice is Ultra Clean by Zydot, which researchers have found removes a small amount of drug metabolites from the hair. Other research has found it useful for reducing concentrations of morphine, THC, cocaine, and other drugs.

What are the hair follicle drug detection times?

One of the reasons law enforcement prefers doing hair follicle tests is that drugs can be detected in the hair for a much longer time than it does in urine.

Drug residues for marijuana can be detected in the hair for 5 to 7 days after someone has used it. And that might even include secondhand weed smoke getting into your hair.

How long does marijuana stay in your hair follicles?

Much longer than it does in urine. If you’ve used marijuana, it can be detected in the first 1.5 inches of your hair shaft (the length used for most hair follicle tests) for as many as 90 days.

Likewise, alcohol, cocaine, and a slew of other drugs can be detected in hair follicles for 90 days after use.


Hair follicle tests are one of the more expensive ways to test for drugs, but they also do a better job of detecting recent use–for as far back as 90 days.

As a result, there will always be people looking for ways to pass a drug test when failure would otherwise be the result. The Macujo method is one of the most reliable methods for hair follicle tests.

We don’t need to tell you that the best way to pass a drug test is by not doing drugs at all–or at least steering clear of them for a good, long time to ensure every trace is out of your body. If, however, abstaining is not in your wheelhouse, the above methods described may be your next best option. Good luck!