Pre-Built Space Bucket Kits – The Best Space Bucket Kits for Sale

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Building a space bucket from scratch can be pretty intimidating if you’ve never done it before.

Choosing the space bucket is simple, it’s just a bucket. But the space bucket lights, the side lights, the soil and actually configuring it so you can drain excess water and manage the growth of your plant can be overwhelming.

Luckily, there are pre-built space bucket kits out there that you can buy.

These kits come with all of the parts you need and instructions for how to set your space bucket up.

If you’re OK with paying a little extra, I’d highly recommend buying a done-for-you space bucket kit. Here are some of the best options.

Best Pre-Made Space Bucket Kit for Sale

My #1 recommendation for a pre-built spacebucket is the Stealth Bucket 45 W Kit.


This kit is affordable and comes with a huge light output of 4,000 lumens. It has 3 LED light bulbs that are equivalent to 60 W of traditional lighting which is about as much as you can fit in a space bucket without using a UFO LED.

Reflective Siding

This space bucket also comes with a reflective interior already installed so you’ll be able to easily get light to the lower leaves on the plant.


This kit also includes a timer so you can easily control your light cycles. If you need a brush up on the light cycles for veg/flower, check out my huge guide on growing weed at home.

It has 30 minute increments which is more than enough to get a good 18/6 schedule for vegetative mode and 12/12 for flowering.

External Watering Spout

One of the most difficult parts of watering your plant in a space bucket is taking it apart and getting all the way to the bottom of the plant to get water to the soil.

By having an external watering spout, you don’t have to take anything apart to water your plants. This is HUGE and makes it 10x easier to grow in a space bucket vs the standard approach of taking your bucket apart to water the plant.


One of the biggest issues I see from beginners trying to grow in a space bucket is that they don’t know what they’re doing with the electrical work.

Not knowing what you’re doing is no problem for almost every other part of the growing process; you’ll make some mistakes, figure out what went wrong, and correct it for the next time.

But if you mess up your electrical wiring you might actually set your house on fire.

This space bucket kit is made by a professional who has sold thousands of these buckets so you know you can trust it’s track record of safety.

Runner Up – Lower Light Output

This space bucket kit is made by the same seller as my #1 pick, but it only has a 30 W light output vs 45 W of my #1 pick.

This kit only costs $10 less than my #1 choice so I honestly wouldn’t recommend it. If you’re that hard up for $10, then sure, get this cheaper kit.

But the extra light output is totally worth it and you’ll make it back (and more) from your first grow and the higher yields the #1 kit will give you.

Other Notes

These space buckets come with a cheap carbon filter but it’s not going to do much to get rid of the smell of your plants.

If you want a covert grow operation and you need the smell to be eliminated, you’ll want to buy a special made carbon filter kit with a fan and activated carbon.

The included fan/filter does work well for moving air through your space bucket and it should keep your humidity down so you don’t need to worry about getting any extra dehumidifiers (not like they’d fit anyways!).

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