Review of the Galaxy Hydro Lighting System

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While you may assume that most homegrown cannabis is done on a relatively small scale, it doesn’t exclude the need for top tier equipment. Most growers may find themselves in the market for relatively low to average powered LED lamps for their plants, however, this may fall short if you plan on expanding your grow room in the future.

Middle of the pack lights tend to be in the 400 watt to 800 watt range, with the more powerful lamps reaching 1500 watts and beyond. This is where the Roleadro Galaxyhydro 1500 W series lamp comes into play.

Offering a high PAR value while still retaining the energy-saving qualities of LED lamps, this is a great option for home growers with multiple plants.

Below we’ll break down all of the features of the Galaxyhydro lamp, how it stacks up compared to other lamps on the market, and why everyone seems to love this lamp from Roleadro.

Key Features of the Roleadro Galaxyhydro 1500 W Series Lamp

Designed with Epileds LED chips, these are specialized chips implemented for high energy efficiency, superior life expectancy for the bulbs, and a wide wavelength range between 380 and 850nm. This results in the Galaxyhydro not only being powerful in terms of the bare bones wattage, but it will also lead in terms of coverage of the light spectrum and the overall power efficiency.

Obviously, the end result is superior plant germination, flowering, and total growth.

With a maximum PAR value of 734 at around 12 inches of height, you will not only be well within the range for proper photosynthesis, but you’ll have increased absorption which will result in shortened growth cycles. At the proper heights, you will have up to 98% efficiency in terms of light coverage. 

Not only will you have a high PAR value and very little light waste, but the overall energy efficiency at this level can only be achieved with an LED similar to the Galaxyhydro. In summation, this lamp has all of the power you need for healthy and quick plant growth, while also having highly efficient light and electrical use.

Review of the Galaxy Hydro Lighting System

With uniform output throughout the lighting spectrum, the white, IR, blue, and red LEDs will be able to increase the yield and potency evenly throughout the full growth cycle.

In terms of build quality, the dimensions of the Galaxyhydro are 16.8 inches x 9.6 inches x 3 inches, being shipped in a white housing. Weighing in at approximately 8 pounds, the included hanging set will allow you to adjust the height of the lamp easily to your specific setup and plant needs.

If you want to learn more about hanging grow lights, you can read more here. In terms of venting and heat dissipation, the Galaxyhydro features two high-speed cooling fans with a built-in heat sink.

This also includes a built-in temperature controller, allowing you to not only decrease overall heat for the health of your plants, but this will also significantly increase the life of the LED board and lighting system.

Other Notable Information About the Galaxyhydro

Included in the box of the Roleadro Galaxyhydro 1500 W, you will find:

  • 1 x 1500 W Grow Light
  • 1 x Power Cord
  • 1 x Hanging Kit
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

Similar to many other LED panels, the Galaxyhydro has the ability to daisy chain multiple lights together. This means you will be able to string together multiple panels to the same power source, although you should ensure your electrical circuits can handle the amount of power that comes with multiple lights.

Galaxy Hydro Lighting System

While you may not have to worry about this with lower powered 400 W or 600 W LED boards, 1500 W is significantly more strenuous, so ensure you have sufficient amperage from your outlets.

Because the Galaxyhydro is flexible in terms of the light spectrum and PAR value, you will be able to implement this lighting source in traditional grows or hydroponic setups. It also doesn’t limit you to strictly cannabis, acting as a great light source for everyday plants or vegetables.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PAR Value?

PAR stands for photosynthetic active radiation, a measurement of light wavelengths between the optimal range of nanometers for photosynthesis. The typical range for photosynthesis is 400 to 700 nanometers, of which most grow lights try to fall within.

Although you may assume PAR is an actual physical measurement of distance, it is actually a measurement of the specific type of light needed for photosynthesis. While somewhat convoluted, understanding the various LED lights and how they cover the spectrum will further clarify this point.

What are the differences between white, red, blue, and IR LED lights?

As we mentioned above, the Galaxyhydro has a select number of different LED lights that each individually help to cover the spectrum of light for a sufficient PAR value. We’ll touch on the three main LED types and the range that they cover below:

  • Blue LED Lights – Covers the range of 440-470 nanometers, resulting in increased growth speed
  • Red LED Lights – Covers the range of 630-660 nanometers, resulting in increased yield
  • IR LED Lights – Covers the range of 730-740 nanometers, promotes cell division

Why are LED lights more efficient than other bulbs?

While slightly complicated, coming down to the fundamental design of LED bulbs as compared to other traditional bulbs such as fluorescent, the main difference is the dissipation and production of heat. 90% of the energy created by incandescent bulbs is expended as heat, as opposed to LED bulbs which manage the amount of energy that is converted.

Additional factors such as LEDs being purely directional bulbs increase their efficiency, sending light and heat in a specified direction as opposed to CFL bulbs which emit in all directions.

Roleadro Galaxyhydro 1500 W Series Lamp

The above-mentioned features, as well as others, results in a longer and more energy and heat efficient bulb as compared to other options. If you would like to compare some alternative LED lighting fixtures, you can read more about the various brands here.

How does this light compare to other options such as HID or fluorescent?

The biggest difference between the various lighting options and LED panels is efficiency. Not only is it designed to have an overall lower footprint in terms of electrical use, the longer life span of the bulbs will also mean fewer replacements over the course of your home growing process.

While LED panels may have a slightly higher initial price, fewer replacements and lower electrical bills will easily outweigh the initial setup cost.

Is this light only designed for cannabis growth?

In simple terms, no. These lights are designed to recreate the spectrum of lighting required for photosynthesis which is essentially universal across all plants.

The benefit however is the strength of these lights compared to normal sunlight, not only allowing you to grow indoors and in any climate, but providing a stronger and more consistent exposure as compared to outdoor growth.

Do these lights get hot?

As with anything that converts energy, LED lights and their fixtures will create heat. Because LED lamps are overall more efficient than alternatives, they will create significantly less heat.

This will prevent plant ‘burn’ or the growth of mold, which are both trademark signs that they are exposed to too much heat. As with any well rounded grow room or tent, ventilation will be necessary regardless, so always plan to include your own fans and venting when you are designing the layout of your grow room.

Final Thoughts

The Roleadro Galaxyhydro 1500 W is a great and well rounded LED lighting panel to consider if you are looking for a powerful system. Covering the crucial PAR range for healthy, fast, and potent plant growth, it is a great addition to any at-home grow room.

Because of all the benefits of LED systems we have mentioned above, you will not only see the financial savings from growing your own weed, but also from running a highly efficient lighting system.