The Best Marijuana Strain for Growing in Small Spaces

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Growing marijuana from home can be a smart choice. You have control over the growing, you know where it came from, and you can be as stealthy or open about it as you see fit.

However, sometimes if you grow from home, you may find that you’re pretty limited on space. If you don’t have a lot of space, you’ll want to consider the right strain, where you want to grow, and the best ways to aid that growth into a healthy plant.

The Right Marijuana Strain

For small spaces, the ideal strain is indica. More specifically, indica-dominant hybrids.

Indica hybrids are more desirable than pure indica when it comes to growing on your own because hybrids generally prove to stand up better against pests and mold or rot. Indica itself is better to grow in small spaces over strains like sativa due to it’s short and bushy stature.

Macro detail of cannabis bud "black tuna" marijuana

The plants don’t stretch to concerning lengths during the flowering stage and stay at more manageable heights than other strains, even when they double in size. During the flowering stage, you can also trim the leaves for better size control.

Working With Space

When you’re working with limited room, you’ve got a few options to choose from when it comes to how you want to grow your plant. A popular choice is to invest in a growth tent, which can come in incredibly small sizes (some aren’t even bigger than a laundry basket).

image showing a growing marijuana tent

You can use standard flowering pots, growing them like flowers, or you can use space buckets. Space buckets are a bit complex to put together, but you can DIY them, and the final product leaves you with a discreet way to grow your cannabis while still saving space.

Precautions To Take

There will always be standards to follow, no matter where you’re working, and you’ll want to make sure you’re giving your marijuana the right conditions to grow. You’ll want to keep the temperate right, usually somewhere around 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit, and you’ll want to keep the humidity around 40% and no higher than 50%.

You should make sure to properly ventilate your growing area and make sure the roots of your plant are never exposed.

Marijuana weedpon weedculture hightimes cannabis

For indica in particular, you should keep it in its vegetative stage for about 2-4 weeks, though sometimes you can even push it to five weeks or only leave it for one. The trick to this is picking a strain that isn’t auto-flowering.

Auto-flowering strains will bud on their own, so you won’t be able to control when it goes into the flowering stage. By being able to control that switch, you consequently have more control over the height of the plant, which is what you want if you’re working with limited space.

Cannabis cola (Thousand Oaks marijuana strain)

During the vegetative stage, the best schedule is an 18/6 schedule, which is 18 hours of light and six hours of dark. After your 2-4 week period, you’ll want to switch the timing of your lights to a 12/12 schedule, which means 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark.

This new light plan will trigger the flowering stage. You’ll want to avoid altogether going into your growing space during that dark period because if any light seeps in, it might negatively interrupt the plant growth.

LED lights bulb

For lighting, your best bet is to use LED grow lights since they’re a lot more efficient than standard light bulbs. You’ll want to make sure you grow your plants at least a foot away from your grow light so that the plants don’t get burnt.

Growing at home is simple once you learn the ropes, and it can be enjoyable to have complete control over your own marijuana. As long as you pick the right strain and grow in the right conditions, you’ll be on track to growing yourself something you can be proud of.