The 3 Best Space Bucket Side Lighting Choices to Increase Yields

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Everyone’s goal is to maximize their yields and grow the dankest weed possible.

One of the constraints of growing weed in a space bucket is that you don’t have much room.This means you can usually fit 1 UFO style LED at the top and that’s it.

If you want to really max out your space bucket yields, you need to install some side lighting.

But for the grower chasing every last gram, you can also add some side lighting to max the light your plant receives.

Here’s a couple of my favorite side lighting options for your space bucket.

Why You Need Side Lighting

Due to the lack of room in your space bucket, light has a very difficult time penetrating the canopy of your cannabis plant. This means leaves and buds below the top of your plant receive almost no light.

What we’re trying to do is recreate how a plant would naturally receive sunlight.

Since the sun moves during the day, a plant growing outside in it’s natural habitat would get light from all different angles, allowing it to grow nice and evenly.

Indoor growers need to recreate this light setup if they want to give the plant it’s natural lighting habitat and increase your yields.

Best Side Lights for Space Buckets

#1 Choice – Best Overall Side Light

If you’re looking for the overall winner, this 45 W, 4 piece kit is what you need.

This kit comes with all of the necessary pieces of equipment, wiring, drivers, screws and cable ties.

It’s an all in one kit and with an output of 45 watts, you’ll significantly increase your space bucket yields.

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#2 Choice – Full Spectrum, Lower Watts

Our runner up choice is a little cheaper than the #1 pick, but it also has a slightly lower output.

This side lighting kit puts out 40 W compared to 45 W in the first pick. The upside here is that it has a full spectrum “blurple” output.

Some people claim this is better for the plant but I’ve never noticed that much of a difference when holding wattage constant.

This is a solid choice and the kit comes with everything you’d need to install it so you can’t go wrong here if you’re feeling overwhelmed with the number of choices.

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#3 Choice – Best Budget Option

If you’re really looking to save money, the Mosthink 20 W light strip could be a good option.

Obviously it has a lower light output than the first two choices, but it’s simple to install and has a full spectrum light output just like our runner up choice.

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