The Differences Between Cyco Nutrients and Advanced Nutrients

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Plant nutrients, whether it is for your vegetable garden or home grown cannabis, are key for healthy and expedited growth. These can be easily implemented through a number of multi-stage systems, providing all of the key macro and micro nutrients throughout the length of the plants growth.

We’ll talk about the importance of nutrients, which ingredients you should be looking for, and how they will be adjusted throughout the growth cycle.

How Do Nutrient Systems Work?

When you are looking into nutrients for your cannabis, whether you are growing through a hydroponic system or in-soil, there are a key list of nutrients that are essential for the healthy growth of your plants.


This is one of the most important nutrients during the early stages of your plants vegetative growth. Aiding in the photosynthesis process, it is a vital part of chlorophyll which promotes the transition of light into energy.

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Nitrogen also acts to boost the protein levels through the supplementation of amino acids, giving you a stronger and healthier plant.


Potassium acts to regulate the water levels within your plant, also known as osmoregulation. As you can expect, the proper hydration of your plants will keep your plants healthy, with the potassium also acting to regulating the plants CO2 and oxygen levels.


Calcium acts to fortify the strength of your plant, promoting cell structure and proper development. This will prevent slowed or unhealthy growth, with the lack of calcium evident through stunted leaves and discoloration.


Magnesium is another nutrient that aids in the photosynthesis process, acting as one of the key molecules in chlorophyll and the conversion of sunlight into energy for the plant.

The Differences Between Cyco Nutrients and Advanced Nutrients

With proper photosynthesis, the byproduct of glucose gives the plant the necessary energy to grow. Similar to calcium deficiency, the lack of magnesium results in discolored leaves and veins.


In addition to the above mentioned key ingredients, nutrient systems will also oftentimes include the following micronutrients:

  • Manganese
  • Boron
  • Copper
  • Chlorine
  • Iron
  • Zinc

How pH Affects Plant Growth

A scale between 1-14, the pH level of your plant will indicate whether your plant can properly absorb and make use of the numerous nutrients you are supplying it. A measurement of acidity or alkaline level, a pH above 7 results in it being alkaline and below 7 being acidic.

The pH level acts on a logarithmic scale, being exponentially more acidic or alkaline the further you move away from neutral at 7. In terms of cannabis growth, the appropriate pH level will depend on the method of growth.

In standard soil based plants, you will want your pH level to remain with the 6-7 level, with levels above or below not being ideal for nutrient absorption.

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If you are growing cannabis hydroponically, your pH levels should be slightly more acidic, coming in at levels between 5.5-6.5. While you may try to lock down a specific pH level, the fluctuation higher or lower will actually be recommended for plant growth.

The various nutrients will have easier uptake depending on the pH level, with some coming in higher and some lower than the recommended pH level. For instance, Iron will see easier absorption at a lower pH level, while calcium will see more absorption higher.

Because of the variability in nutrient uptake, the ranges of 5.5-6.5 and 6-7 for hydroponics and soil respectively will be the sweet spot for most plants.

Calculating Your Nutrient Supplementation

Because each nutrient system will be slightly different, each with their own concentrations and levels of nutrients throughout the different stages, it is always best to consult their own calculator for appropriate measurements. These calculators will normally be available through the manufacturers website, giving you information on which nutrients to use and quantities to adjust throughout the various weeks of growth.

Cyco Nutrients Platinum Series Grow and Bloom

Containing the key ingredients for healthy plant growth, the Cyco Nutrients Platinum Series ranks as a popular nutrient product within the home grown cannabis community. An Australia based company, they provide nutrients and products that aid in plant development throughout every stage of growth.

The Platinum Base Series is a four part nutrient package, with the Grow A and B products being used heavily during the early vegetative growth period of your plant. The pivotal ingredients that aid in growth are as follows:

  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphate
  • Calcium

Available in multiple sizes, including large commercial quantities, the Cyco Grow A and B can be bought in 1,5, and 20 liter jugs for at home use. Similar to Grow A and B, the Bloom A and B also contain those above mentioned nutrients for growth.

These nutrients, however, will be more heavily utilized during the blooming stage of the flowering process. The biggest difference between the Grow and Bloom products comes down to Phosphorus, with Bloom containing much higher quantities which will help with the absorption of the minerals and nutrients for bigger blooms and flowers.


  • Multi stage nutrient system, for both vegetative and blooming growth periods
  • Contains the key nutrients needed for healthy plant growth, promoting stronger photosynthesis


  • Cyco nutrients may not have the hands off pH approach as seen with other nutrients

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Advanced Nutrients Bloom, Micro & Grow

A three step nutrient product, the Advanced Nutrients Bloom, Micro, and Grow system acts as a total base nutrient package throughout the entire plant growth process. Similar to the above mentioned Grow and Bloom products from Cyco, these will be implemented in differing quantities during the vegetative and flowering stages respectively.

The main selling point of the Advanced Nutrients system comes with its ability to remain “pH Perfect”, allowing you to have a hands off approach to balancing these levels. This results in your plants remaining within the correct pH window, generally between 6-7 for soil, so these nutrients will be properly absorbed by the plant.


  • “pH Perfect” nutrients
  • Multi stage nutrient system for the various stages of growth


  • May be slightly less concentrated than some of the other Advanced Nutrient products

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What Are The Differences Between The Two Products?

For the most part, these two products will function relatively similar on paper. Each have their own nutrient balances that will show their benefits when adjusted throughout the different stages of growth.

The key difference between the two is the added pH support through the Advanced Nutrients lineup of products. While you should always monitor your pH levels on your own, through your own pH meter or strips, they promise a more hands off approach without the need for harsh pH adjusting chemicals.

If you are a beginner, or are simply less involved in your own cannabis growth, this may be a bonus in terms of swaying you to one product or the other.


When it comes down to supplementing your plants, most macro and micro nutrient systems will all contain the same key ingredients to promote healthy plant growth. While some may contain certain benefits, including the above mentioned pH managing system from Advanced Nutrients, it will come down to your own personal preference.

Oftentimes your plants may react positively to one brand and not to another, so experimenting with difference nutrient systems may prove beneficial in the long run.