Tips for Growing Marijuana

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For the most part, growing marijuana is fairly easy. In fact, successful growing is simple once you know the basics.

However, when it comes to growing cannabis, there are a few processes that require attention to detail and your undivided time, especially if you want higher yields.

To make growing easier and more productive, here are a few tips for growing marijuana.

Easiest Way to Sprout Seeds

First off, you need seeds that are viable and able to germinate. In fact, quality seeds are imperative to successful germination.

Although there are several techniques for sprouting seeds, the easiest is the wet towel method.

  • Using distilled or filtered water, wet a few pieces of paper towels or clean and smooth washcloths. The towels need to be moist and damp
  • Put the towels or washcloths on a plate
  • Place the seeds in-between the damp towels or washcloths. Make sure to space the seeds so they are not touching
  • Cover the plate with another plate for the ideal dark environment and to keep the moisture in
  • Put the plate in a dark area such as inside a cupboard
  • Check the towels or washcloths only once a day to make sure they are still damp
  • Keep the plate on for 2-5 days until germinated
  • Remove the seeds and plant them once the seeds sprout

Other more challenging methods of sprouting seeds include

  • In a glass of water
  • Use a knife to carefully cut open the seed
  • No prep, plant directly into the ground or soil
  • File the outer shell of the seed then place in water to sprout

Choose the Right Grow Room

Selecting the right grow room to fit your needs is highly important to the success of your crop. The best options are a shed or a grow tent.

Some important features to consider include

  • Quality – when it comes to grow room, the quality of equipment is measure in several ways, by the components, the manufacturing process, and the finished product. Efficiency – energy efficiency is very important. Not only does it reduce energy costs but it offers higher revenues.
  • Safety – It is absolutely essential that your grow room be safe and effective. As well, they need to be in compliance and meet the Standard Consumer Safety and UL specifications for electrical products.
  • User Friendly – the grow room should be simple to use and not be overwhelming and complex to operate. In addition, your grow room should be easy to assemble.
  • Value – a good financial investment means that your grow room is durable and of high quality

The Right Grow Lights

When it comes to growing marijuana, it is important that you choose the right grow lights for optimum results. In fact, the light cycle of cannabis is essential for life and plays a big part in both the vegetative and flowering stage.

LED lighting Grow plants

Many experts agree that the best grow lights are LEDs. Not only are they extremely efficient, but LED lights offer the perfect brightness for your plants.

Other benefits include

  • Better control the growth cycle
  • Offers full spectrum light for the best results
  • Optimal light for photosynthesizing and releasing oxygen
  • Delivers wattage requirements and complete coverage for growing cannabis

The Best Soil

One of the biggest mistakes new growers make is purchasing cheaper soil that promises great results. In fact, soil from Home Depot or Lowe’s has long acting fertilizer that can actually kill your plants.

For optimum growth and higher yields, it is extremely important that your plants get the right soil. In effect, cannabis grown in a specific blend will give your plants the best and healthiest options.

For top quality cannabis the soil needs to be composed of the perfect ingredients that supports

  • Optimum drainage
  • The correct texture
  • The perfect pH level
  • Good water retention
  • The right nutrient composition

Tips on Watering

One of the most common mistakes for first time growers is to over water their plants. In fact, many newcomers end up with very unhealthy plants due to over watering. some of the signs of over watering are

  • Leaves are curled down and firm from the stem to the leaf
  • Drooping or curling leaves are typically the first signs of over watering
  • Yellowing leaves, root rot, and sometimes fungus issues (a later stage of over watering)

A healthy watering cycle entails a wet and dry period. This is needed for the roots to grow deeper and fuller. It also prevents root rot, powdery mildew, and other diseases.

Typically, the best way to tell when your plants need watered is when the top 1″ of soil feels dry. Don’t be afraid to feel the soil to see how wet or fry it is.

Basically, just stick your finger down into the soil a few inches to see if it is wet or dry. If the soil is wet, don’t water. If it is dry, then water.

Tips for Growing Marijuana

More experienced growers can tell if a plant needs watered by the weight of the pot. A plant that has been watered recently will have more weight. A dry plant will feel light.

In addition, under watered plants can also be subject to undue stress. A plant that is under watered will be weak and droopy.

In addition, the leaves will turn yellow or brown. Moreover, the amount of water your plants need can vary according to

  • Size
  • Temperature
  • General health
  • Stage of growth

The Importance of a High Quality Fan

The importance of a high quality fan for your grow room cannot be overemphasized. In fact, you need at least one fan for your grow tent for good air circulation, to help increase yields, and to prevent pockets of stagnant air from developing.

Frankly, cannabis plants absorb all of the CO2 around them in about a minute. Without fresh air and good air circulation, your plants will quickly become quite unhealthy and sick.

On the other hand, good air flow will help your plants breathe, have better nutrient absorption, and improve photosynthesis. Likewise, the overall health of your plants will greatly increase. For example, during the flowering stage your plants will have stronger branches to support denser, more robust flowers.

Black modern electric fan on white

Settings for your fans should be solid enough to create a slight rustle but not so strong as cause damage to your plants. If the circulation is to strong, it can damage or break your plants.

In addition, too much current can dry out your plant as a faster rate causing and affecting their growth. A quality fan will have adjustable speeds in order to optimize airflow.

When to Harvest

Basically, there are three methods for determining when to harvest. Many experts claim that the most effective method is when the trichomes are 50% amber and 50% hazy.

Never harvest when the trichomes are clear, In fact, it is quite tempting to pick to soon. The “key” is to wait longer than you than you think you should wait.

Begin by examining the trichomes.

  • Definition – trichomes are the resin glands of a cannabis plant. It contains the CBD, THC, active and other active cannabinoids that are medicinal. In truth, the trichomes are the crème de la crème of your crop.
  • Examining – it is helpful to use a microscope or magnifying glass. Point the device at the trichomes which covers the cannabis flowers. If they look glassy or clear then they are not ready to harvest. Wait until the trichomes are 50% amber and 50% hazy.

Drying & Curing

Another important process is drying and curing. Done wrong and you could lose your entire crop. Some of the most common errors when drying cannabis include

  • Trichomes are the wrong color – making sure the trichomes color is correct is crucial. Picked at the right time will ensure maximum cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. Wet substrate – harvesting with wet substrate will extend drying time by several days. It can also encourage fungus and other unwanted growth.
  • Not removing diseased parts of the plant – the plants should always be carefully examined before they are hung to dry. Always look for diseases such as powdery mildew, and fungi like botrytis. Your harvest can be completely ruined if diseases parts are not removed. The drying room has incorrect humidity levels – the ideal humidity of a drying room should be 50-60%. Anything lower will cause the plants to dry to fast. Higher humidity creates the perfect environment for fungi growth.
  • Handling the buds too often – handling the buds to much can alter the flavor, break off the bud, and drastically reduce the resin. Too much handling can happen during the cutting and trimming process.
  • Wrong temperature and light in the drying room – the wrong temperature can destroy your flowers. Temperatures over 25 degrees can dry the plants too quickly. The perfect temperature is 64°-68° F (18-20°C). If you plants are dried in the light, it can reduce trichomes content, and lower the quality of the buds.
  • Poor ventilation during drying – a proper ventilation system prevents air stagnation and reduces odor. The perfect solution is to use your grow tent as a drying area.

In the right conditions, drying time should be 7-12 days then let cure for 2 weeks. Never rush the drying time.

Curing is basically storing the cut buds in the correct environment and in the right conditions to encourage the maturation of the plant matter. During the curing stage, store the jars in a dark room with the temperature at 70° F (21°C) and 60-65 percent humidity.

Being Discreet

Sometimes a grower needs to be discreet. For instance, there may be a high crime rate where you live.

Even though you are growing your marijuana legally, no one wants to invite trouble. One of the biggest issues with trying to be discreet is the odor.

In fact, the cannabis odor is very strong. What is more, it can linger on your clothing for days after working with your plants.

One of the best solutions to removing the odor is to use a carbon filter. In actuality, a carbon filter is more effective in removing odors than anything else on the market.

Carbon car cabin filters

In addition, it does not affect the smell of your cannabis. The carbon filter actually hides the odor of growing cannabis, even the extra strong smelling plants.

Without a doubt, if you need to be discreet and desire to control the smell of growing cannabis, then a carbon filter is the solution.

The Best Tips for growing Cannabis

Once you have learned and utilized the best tips for growing marijuana, the experience begins to be a lot of fun. In fact, it quickly becomes a passion whether you are a hobby farmer or grow commercially.

Although you may make a few mistakes during your growing journey, it is all worth it in the end. Just remember to have a lot of fun and enjoy the learning process.