Top 10 highest THC cannabis strains

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There are a number of different qualities for which one might look when growing different strains of marijuana. For many, though, the most important quality will always be THC content.

Whether you are growing your own or looking to purchase your cannabis from a licensed dispensary, you’ll definitely want to keep the following strains in mind.

Top 10 Highest THC Cannabis Strains

#1. Cookies Gelato

A combination of Girl Scout Cookies and Gelato (thus the name), Cookies Gelato packs a whopping 28% THC. This makes for a very intense high, of course, but more importantly it provides a kind of psychoactive effect that many users crave.

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Though it’s definitely not a blend that’s meant for amateurs, this indica-sativa hybrid nevertheless is a highly in-demand blend.

#2 Ice Cream Cake

Another Gelato blend, this combination of the well-received Wedding Cake and Gelato-33 only has about 23% THC but still clocks as one of the most powerful blends on the market today. Though it may have a lower level of THC than many of the other blends listed here, it is routinely praised for providing users with a powerful but relatively sedate high.

#3 Hulkberry

This 2014 Cannabis Cup winner is still growing strong, with its Colorado roots allowing it to not only quickly become a dominant strain in the United States but also to make a quick move over to Europe as legalization becomes more common.

Top 10 highest THC cannabis strains

With a 28% THC level, this sativa-dominant blend is well-known for giving a warm and comfortable high that’s somewhat less scary than many of the other high-THC blends out there.

#4 White Tahoe Cookies

Another Girl Scout Cookies hybrid, this combination of Tahoe OG and Girl Scout Cookies clocks in with a THC percentage of around twenty-seven percent. A legitimately beautiful-looking hyrbid, this blend is another relatively easy ride even for those who haven’t used higher THC blends in the past.

White Tahoe Cookies is known for giving users a pleasant initial high that tends to have long tail into a more mellow experience.

#5 Royal Gorilla

Royal Gorilla is a high THC blend that’s actually very well known for its use in therapeutic contexts. An American original, it produces not only a very pleasant high but also has a relatively pleasant taste on its own.

Though it only has around a 26 percent THC content, it still deserves a spot on the list as one of the stronger strains that sees a great deal of use in various therapeutic capacities.

#6 Godfather OG

If numbers are important to you, you have to go with Godfather OG as the absolute winner in the world of THC content. With bioanalysis showing the blend containing a staggering thirty-four percent THC, it would be a very potent blend at even half of its strength.

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With that said, this is a very popular blend for medical use, as it has a reputation for providing a significant amount of pain relief to those who might not otherwise get much out of weaker strains.

#7 Bruce Banner #3

While it may have a Hulk-like name, this blend is anything but angry. Though it has a THC percentage of somewhere between twenty-six and twenty-nine percent, the truth is that this blend is better known for leaving its users happy and calm than anything else.

A good entry point into the higher THC blends, this very herbal strain can work as well for those looking for a fairly mellow high as it does for those looking for pain and stress relief.

#8 Ghost Train Haze

At around 27% percent THC, Ghost Train haze remains a popular choice for those who are looking for a more energetic high. Though it might be a little weaker than some of the others on this list, it more than makes up for that fact by providing a pleasant experience even for those who are used to blends that have a lower THC level.

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Known for its mood-boosting effects, it also sees a fair bit of play among those struggling with conditions like depression.

#9 Emperor Cookie Dough

At around 35%, Emperor Cookie Dough represents one of the highest THC percentages on the market. Because of that, it sees an enormous amount of use in the medical community. Known for producing a reasonably mild high that helps significantly with pain, it’s a favorite of those who use cannabis for therapeutic reasons.

#10 Triple G

This Indica-dominant hybrid is well-known for helping with appetite and insomnia issues. With a THC percent of somewhere between twenty-six and twenty-eight percent, it’s also a blend that has the ability to knock down even some of the most experienced users.

This is a powerful strain that might not have the highest THC levels, but that certain goes a long way towards proving why higher THC blends are so popular among both medical and recreational consumers.

What is THC and How Does it Work: An Introduction

If you’ve ever wondered exactly why marijuana gives users a very particular kind of high, you’ve got to look at THC. Formally known as tetrahydrocannabinol, this is the ingredient in cannabis that both gives the substance its psychoactive effects and that is responsible for giving users the typical sort of body high.

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Interestingly, THC is almost chemically identical to CBD. Oddly, though, CBD tends to counter-act the impact of THC to a significant degree, ameliorating its effects on users. With that said, THC and CBD are both fairly easily absorbed by the body.

THC enters the body through the digestive tract (as when you infuse MCT oil with THC) or the lungs, moves on to the blood and passes through the blood-brain barrier to be absorbed by the body’s cannabinoid receptors. From there, THC alters the input of synapses and neurons to produce its signature effects.

About THC Measurements in Marijuana Strains

It’s actually quite a bit harder to figure out the THC measurements in a given marijuana strain than one might think. While one can certainly pinpoint the exact THC content of a strain through biochemical analysis, the truth is that most growers aren’t quite as precise with what they sell.

Instead, they rely on heredity to determine the content of what’s in a plan. Different strains each have their own THC levels and growers often seek to grow strains that have higher or lower amounts than their initial cultivars.

With that said, the actual THC measurements of well-known strains are actually displayed fairly commonly. A strain with a THC level of above eighteen percent is usually going to be considered to have a high THC content, though even that can be somewhat ameliorated by an even higher CBD content.

What are the Benefits of Selecting High THC Strains?

There are plenty of good reasons to choose a high THC strain. Some people legitimately prefer the body high of a high THC strain, while others are chasing the psychoactive effects that can come from such a strain. Some users choose high-THC blends because they do a good job of helping with pain, while others might be looking for a sleep or dietary aid.

There are even some who simply prefer high THC strains because lower-THC strains no longer do anything for them. As ever, though, any given individual’s experience will vary.