Top 5 Space Bucket Lights

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Space buckets are one of the best ways for new growers to get started.

They’re cheap, simple and compact making them easy for small indoor growing operations.

One of the most important parts of any cannabis grow setup is the lighting. And space buckets are no different.

Choose the wrong light for your space bucket and you’ll be crying when you harvest half an ounce. Pick the right light and you’ll be pulling in several ounces per grow and your light will pay for itself in the first harvest.

In this guide I’ll talk about some of the best lighting options for your space bucket and some advice on how to maximize your space bucket yields.

Lighting Options for Space Buckets – CFL vs UFO LED

The 2 most popular types of lights for space buckets are UFO LEDs and CFLs.

If you can afford the extra $25-$50, UFO LEDs are the best choices. They’re easier to set up, they put out more light, and will give you higher yields.

If you don’t want to invest in new equipment, you can probably get away with using some left over CFL light bulbs you have in your house.

The main issue with this approach is that you’ll only be able to fit about 4 bulbs in your bucket which means your light output will be very low, probably around 20-50 watts.

If you want to use CFLs, make sure you get a 4 way connector so you can hook them up without doing your own electrical work and possibly burning your house down.

UFO LEDs on the other hand can go above 100 watts and will give your plant more than enough light to get huge yields.

Bottom line: get a UFO LED. They’re the best choice and aren’t that expensive. Here’s the one I’d recommend. I’ve used it for several grows and have gotten 2+ ounces on every one.

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