Top Ten Games to Play While High

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What Are the Top Ten Video Games to Play While High?

Getting high and gaming. They kind of go hand in hand, don’t they?

But what are the best ones to play when getting high? There are a lot of video games out there so we’ll warn you, our list is hardly conclusive.

Still, there are a few that fall on most everyone’s list. We’ll make some strain recommendations as well.

Let’s see if your favorites match ours!

  1. Call of Duty – Vanguard: Ready to take on the Zombies? Surviving on the battlefield of this first-person franchise will require endurance, and there are loads of strains that will enhance the experience. If you’re going for an all-nighter, we recommend you match it up with Blue Dream.
  2. Grand Theft Auto: Got a boring office job? That’s why you play Grand Theft Auto, isn’t it? Finally, you get to explore the criminal underworld and conquer levels all while you get the giggles. This game is just too good for one strain of weed. Try mixing it up each time you play with either Big Bud, Lemon Kush, Sour Diesel, or Girl Scout Cookies. Find out which strain made the game the best for you.
  3. Skyrim: This fifth installment of the Elder Scroll series lets you explore dungeons and stop dragons from taking over the fictional, medieval-type world of Tamriel. There are loads of strains that will enhance your game. Try Headband, God’s Gift, Pineapple Express, or Silver Haze to name a few.
  4. Super Mario: If you’ve ever dreamed of running across platforms while throwing fireballs and growing bigger or smaller at will, then this is the game that fulfills those fantasies. Isn’t it weird that so many people have that same fantasy? Getting stoned on Fire OG and Chemdawg 4 will help you ponder that question and enjoy the game better.
  5. Minecraft: Build earthworks, fight mobs, and explore the terrain, but most of all demonstrate your creativity with this award-winning video game. Enjoy it sober or enjoy it more by pairing it with Amnesia Haze, Green Crack, or White Widow.
  6. Tetris: Line up the blocks. Fill in the gaps. This is a game designed to create order out of disorder. It kind of sounds like real life, doesn’t it? It’s even better enjoyed with Green Crack.
  7. South Park – The Stick of Truth: Ready to follow the New Kid as he fights for the Stick of Truth? Can you handle aliens, Nazi zombies, and …ummm… magical farts? Any Indica-dominant strain will do with this hilarious game. You can even take a break mid-game if you get the munchies.
  8. World of Warcraft: You’ll encounter a wide variety of characters and situations while playing this multi-participant, role-playing game, and as a result, you’ll need to keep calm and stay focussed. Cereal Milk is a great strain to use to help you through the game’s raids. Try it.
  9. Super Smash Brothers: Haven’t you always just wanted to smash someone? But then you smoked an Indica strain and sank back into the couch. This game lets you get that itch out of you in a hilarious, playful way with nobody getting hurt. Match it with the potency of Chemdawg, and even if you lose the fight, you’ll come out of it smiling.
  10. Rock Band: Not the killing type? Don’t quite feel up to stealing cars? This multi-instrument music video game lets you and up to three friends play lead guitar, bass, or the drums and sing your hearts out too for points. If you want to get in hours of play, try pairing this game with Diablo.

What Cannabis Strains Do You Pair with Video Games?

Well, that depends on the kind of gamer you are, doesn’t it? If you’re into games that are challenging, energy-driven, and that requires a fair amount of focus and digital dexterity, you’ll probably do better with a Sativa-dominant strain.

Cannabis Strains That Are Paired with Creative Gaming

“Video games and cannabis. Video game controller, big joint and grinder with marijuana buds on wooden table. Blur background of tv with video game. Author: Kemedo. Source:”

Strategy games that require planning and First Person Shooter games are good examples of the kinds of games that Sativas can help with.

If you tend to play games simply to relieve boredom, ones that are easy to pick up and that tax your brain a little less, then Indicas may be the best way to go.

Cannabis Strains That Help Gamers Focus

High focus games, especially those that require strategic planning, are best paired with Sativa-dominant strains that provide clarity and focus. Here are a few of our top choices:

  1. Acapulco Gold: If you’re looking for a strain that substantially increases your focus, then this is the one for you. Acapulco Gold is rich in pinene and limonene, the top terpenes that will bring it on. Sativa-dominant (80:20), it has also seen THC levels as high as 24 percent. Any game you play while high on this baby is going to be euphoric!
  2. Blue Dream: This is another Sativa-dominant strain regaled for its ability to increase focus. It’s also great at calming stress and anxiety, which you may need if your game gets intense. Blue Dream has an average THC content of 21 percent.
  3. Cinex: Surprise! Surprise! This sweet, citrusy, but also earthy-flavored strain is also Sativa-dominant. Cinex also has a high THC content, in some cases up to 25 percent. With those kinds of credentials, it’s no wonder people feel extremely engaged when high on it.

By the way, are you seeing the pattern here? Do strains with high THC content enhance focus? It sure sounds like there’s a connection!

Cannabis Strains That Are Paired with Creative Gaming

When it comes to marijuana strains, focus and creativity often go hand in hand. So it shouldn’t be surprising if you find your focus improving with these as well.

  1. Green Crack aka Green Crush or Mango Crack: This Sativa-dominant strain is sweet and citrusy. A cross between Skunk #1 and an Indica of unknown origins, it offers a potent, intense high and plenty of energy to match you against the most challenging video game opponent.
  2. Amnesia Haze: Want to feel happy and energetic even when you lose? Amnesia Haze is known for enhancing social activities and is a great strain to enjoy when gaming with friends whether with you in the room or across the digital universe. Get your creative bent on and enjoy it.
  3. AK47: A heavy favorite with creative types, this strain is great for when you’re playing Tetris. Then again, it’s great all the time. Sweet and fruity, it provides plenty of THC content (15 to 20 percent) but is lower than some others. And if you don’t win your game when high on AK47, you can always write a song.

Cannabis Strains That Are Too Distracting for Gamers

There’s been a long-standing argument as to whether getting high enhances or inhibits video game performance. As we all know, while some strains will improve focus, weed also has a reputation for interfering with it.

Part of the problem, of course, is that tolerances for strains vary widely from one consumer to another. As a result, making a list of strains that are too distracting for gamers would be purely anecdotal.

And what if you mix shrooms with weed? Have you ever wondered how THAT might impact your gaming experience?

A sampling of online reviews of marijuana strains and their impact on gamers suggested that for some, Purple Urkle causes too much confusion to successfully compete–at least on the Madden game. Another found it impossible to play Call of Duty while high on Girl Scout Cookies. But try them out yourself.

Maybe you’ll do just fine!


Dang! We know just what you’re asking right now. Why wasn’t Donkey Kong on our list? No matter.

The best games to play while you’re high are the ones YOU and YOUR friends prefer. But whether you’re picking off enemies, stealing cars, or growing your pile of bananas, doing it while high is always the best way to go about it.

Now THAT’S something we can all agree on!