What to Do with Seeded Bud

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When it comes to value or higher yields, both consumers and growers prefer fewer seeds and more usable plants. Although seeds are a natural product of any crop it is not always desirable, especially if there’s a lot of seed.

Likewise, growers who only harvest the top half of their cannabis plants can be very devastated if their plants go to seed. As a result, most of their crop is lost.

When there is excessive seed production, it may indicate growing issues or it can be the variety being grown. For instance, some varieties can produce male flowers in conjunction with female flowers on the same plant.

Medical Marijuana Buds and Seeds

This condition is known as a hermaphrodite and generally occurs when a plant is left to flower or is exposed to many environmental stressors. When the seeds mature, the female plant starts to die plus seeds drop to the ground to produce new plants.

Unfortunately, when your plants have produced massive seeds there are fewer leaves and buds. In addition, cannabis is usually of poor quality and not as potent.

On the contrary, if your bud has gone to seed, there are multitude of solutions that can be profitable and make growing worthwhile.

What Causes Seeds?

When a plant has gone to seed it has basically pollinated. In order to pollinate, a female plant has to come into contact with the pollen of a male plant. Generally, if a female has been pollinated, a male was accidentally left in the crop.

What to Do with Seeded Bud

Another possibility is that the plant is self-pollinating or herming. A herming type plant will pollinate if the plant has undergone environmental stress or it has been left to flower.

Does it Mean the Weed is Bad?

Just because a plant seed does not mean that the plant is bad. In truth, a few seed really do not do much harm. However, a lot of seeds can drastically decrease the amount of bud and its potency.

As a matter of fact, seedless bud or sinsemilla is believed to be the best quality and most powerful type of weed.

Are These Seeds OK to Grow With?

For the most part, using bagseed can be risky if you are growing for profit. This is because the seed will most likely be half female and half male. If you desire a lot of bud that is potent, it’s best not to use any bagseed whatsoever.

In addition, using bagseed creates a vicious cycle of poor quality herb. Many of the plants will most likely be a hermaphrodite and half male (no buds).

Hemp seeds

The best was to propagate cannabis is to use clones from a mother plant. Growers who have minimal time can buy a stabilized strain of seed from a trustworthy cloner or breeder.

These methods will ensure that you grow potent buds more consistently and have higher yields.

How Can I Tell if it’s Viable Seed?

When growing cannabis, it is highly important that you use viable seed. Any seed that is not viable will not sprout.

Viable seeds have the capability to sprout and start growth from seedling to a fully developed plant. Viable cannabis seed is typically dark in color and comparatively hard.

Seeds that are white or very pale can easily be smashed between your fingers. Typically the pale-colored seeds will not sprout.

For more in-depth detail on viable seed, watch an informative YouTube video “How to Tell if a Cannabis Seed is Viable (Good for Germination)”.

What to Do with Seeded Bud?

One of the biggest frustrations as a grower is when a male plant pollinates your female plants. Not only are you left with a bunch of seed but your cannabis is generally of poor quality.

Medical Marijuana Buds and Seeds

Equally, most of the seed is not good and cannot be planted. In fact, seeded bud is almost as bad as having spider mites on your buds when its time for harvest.

However, the pollinated plants do not have to be a complete loss.

Here are a few things that you can do with seeded buds –

Separate the Seeds from the Buds

Fortunately, you can still smoke bud that has seed in it. Though, you need to remove all of the seeds in order to avoid ‘explosions”.

Yes, the seeds actually explode when they are burning. As well, the seed gives your buds a funny taste and produce a lot of foul odor.

The seed that you separate from the bud can be saved for planting. Nonetheless, the plants will be 50% female and 50% male.

You will need to be on the lookout for males as the plants mature in order to avoid pollination.

Make a Hash

If you have a lot of bud that contains seeds, you may want to consider making hash. The method of making hash is quite simple and relatively safe if you take necessary precautions.

Since alcohol is used, fire can be a danger if care is not taken. Undeniably, the quality of hash is not going to be top-notch but it will be decent.

Blocks of hashish

The high is often said to be chill and mellow with a short duration. Many experts claim that using a coffee filter, a bag and alcohol is the simplest method of making hash, especially for beginners.

However, it is advised to do a little research online for the best method.

Make Cannabis Seed Oil

You can also make cannabis seed oil with your seed. This oil can actually replace the oil you use on a daily basis.

In fact, many claim that cannabis seed oil is healthier than most oils such as safflower, canola, and sunflower oil. Keep in mind, cannabis seed oil is not psychoactive and cannot get you “high” because it doesn’t contain CBD or THC compounds.

Last Resort – For the Birds

If all else fails, you can always give the seed to outdoor animals. Quite frankly, there are many types of birds that will fight over cannabis seeds.

The seeds are actually healthy and high in nutrition. According to Green Camp, cannabis seeds are a complete protein and have all nine amino acids.

Blue tit bird eating seeds

As well, the seeds are composed of good fats, carbohydrates and fiber. Basically, separate the seeds from the bud and place it in a bird feeder.

You can also donate the seeds to a nearby animal shelter that has rescue birds.


Growing cannabis can be a learning experience every season, especially if your bud goes to seed. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be a complete disaster if your plants get pollinated.

Thankfully, there are numerous alternatives to help you get better yields. Most importantly, have fun growing and know that there are always solutions.